Monday, October 5, 2009

5th October


Pyru's sets are the definition of chic. This one in particular has the 'models day off' kind of style. This is by far one of my favourite sets of all time. Pyru is definatly someone to keep an eye on. I think 99% of us wish we could wear the outfits!
Well done!

4th October


I really like Lovecraft's simple and chic outfit, ripped jeans and oversized cardys? Make any outfit 'in' this season.
Well done Lovecraft!

Friday, October 2, 2009

3rd October


Okay so I couldn't decide between two..
Help? Tell me what one you think should be DailyFav ;)
Vote 1 or 2

Drum roll.. Number 1? Goes too..


Or number 2..

Get your friends to vote or just vote yourself, good luck! ;)

2nd October


Todays DailyFav is lovelylauraa.
I love her layering and colours used, her sets are very artistic and wild.
Definatly a Polyvorer to watch! So add her, Fav her, Comment her, whatever but keep an eye on her, cause this is the type of creativity that makes great style editors.
Well done lovelylauraa, we'll be keeping a lookout ;)

So anyway guise, the newest Polyvore contest is 'How do you rock the hoodie?'
I'm really liking this one, I mean nike gift cards? Hot new work out gear for catching the attention of the hottie personal trainer for me.. ;)
What would you do with the gift card? Tell us what items off the nike site you'd buy and why you'd buy them.
The best relpy will get a shout out and one of there sets shown on a module at the side of the blog :)

Now I know that this blog is new and at first glance you'll be like whatever nothing to see here, but c'mon and help me get this thang running!
emails with tips and ideas would be amazing,


Thursday, October 1, 2009

1st October


I chose this set by
I personaly think it shows her creativity, her use of images along side the use of colour makes this set stand out.
Well done Incubeautee, you are our first DailyFav!


Hey guys, so I decided to start a blog to get great people who can create great sets known.
I myself am addicted to polyvore and have decided it's time to create a blog where we can enter compititions, talk and share tips and fashion advice.
Okay, so everyday I will show the DailyFav, a Polyvore set that deserves some attention, people can favourite,comment or add the user as a contact. If you want to tell me about a set you think should be DailyFav, email it to me at or message me a link on Polyvore, i'll put my account details up later.
Anyway i'm going to search polyvore for our first DailyFav!